$199 Professional Edit - Limited Offer


Terms & Conditions

By proceeding and submitting payment to Spirit Animal, you accept the following conditions:

  • Spirit Animal will deliver one final cut to subject.
    • No revisions are included at the cost of $199. The only revisions Spirit Animal provides at this cost are grammatical errors made on behalf of the Spirit Animal team.
  • All materials provided to Spirit Animal upon approval are final files. i.e any branding materials such as logos and slogans provided will be used and assumed to be most current.
  • Any music included in your video will be chosen solely by Spirit Animal from our collection of licensed music.
  • Spirit Animal may use your final cut in marketing materials for promotion of the Guide to Making Great Video for Under $150, not for self promotion unless otherwise given permission by the subject.
  • All subjects featured in submitted video footage have given consent to be featured in the final cut of the video.


PayPal is the accepted payment method for the $199 professional edit.