At Spirit Animal, we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently from other production houses. Our goal is simple – to make your video production projects awesome, affordable, and effective.

Our team is what makes this goal achievable.




Who We Are


Katrina Sorrentino

Katrina Sorrentino came to Spirit Animal after starting her career in the digital marketing world. With a journalism degree from WVU, she has provided marketing services to leading tech companies like AlchemyAPI, an IBM company. A personal passion for film and video production drove her to Spirit Animal. Nowadays, you can catch her in our editing suite cutting up the latest and greatest projects, but she's still keeping her feet wet in the marketing world for us.


Doris Lin


Doris CC. Lin was born in Taiwan but now calls Philly home. She has an MFA in Film & Media Arts from Temple University. She writes, produces and directs films as a filmmaker while keeping her passion in production design as a art designer. She has received numerous awards for her short films and design nationally and internationally, including Canada, France, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, etc. Her set design project won first place in the Prague Quadrennial Taiwan Exhibition Competition which she was chosen to represent Taiwan at PQ’07 Scenofest in Prague, Czech Republic.


Marcus Mabane


Marcus Mabane Joined the team at Spirit Animal after a brief stint as a freelance animator. Graduating from Philadelphia University with a degree in Digital Animation, Marcus found his greatest strengths and passion was in Motion Graphics Design. During his time as a Freelancer Marcus had the opportunity to work with Companies in Philadelphia to produce animation such as Finch Brands and Alkemy X, even getting his start with Spirit Animal as a Freelancer.