Having a Hard Time Writing Your Best Script?: There's a Couple of Things You're Missing in Life

When you’re a writer, people have the notion that you must be writing every day, that your fingers, non-stop, type away to your dearest hopes and desires... Nope. That’s actually not the case at all. Just like anyone else we all need to get s#!t done! You have school, work, families and friends, and on top of that just life in general. There is nothing like having a pile of s#!t on top of more s#!t and then it just leads to other s#!t that just does not allow for that special quality time with your mind and fingertips. But, my dear friends, there is a solution for that!

I have found a plethora of advice that offers writers of all kinds the mantra to continue their writing! And guess what? They all say the same thing. Yep.

When we all fall into the slump that all writers do, we forget that there are numerous solutions to help us out of it. Simple solutions really. And here they are:

  1. Carve out a minimum of two hours in your day.
  2. Turn off your internet (your news feed will be waiting for you)
  3. Try something new to get the juices flowing whether it may be art, videos, music, or even visiting a new part of town.
  4. Don't be afraid to write the s#!ttiest thing ever!

Let's squeeze the juices out of that pen or jam the keyboard until our fingers get all cramped up. Pry ourselves from that digital universe and commit to it. Take out ye olde quill and parchment! Write it down! There’s nothing like writing the old fashioned way, even if it’s all gibberish. I know I like to flesh out my worlds and simple ideas in a journal or just doodle what I’m picturing before going hardcore. The first draft is always going to be s#!t. But you have to be the one to take the time out to create the best thing ever. Or the best s#!t ever.

Here are some links to some of my favorite authors and advice columns that I have found!