Are you dying to get your independent short films viewed by someone other than yourself and your very supportive parents? Then you’re in luck! This winter and slowly approaching spring boast three different film festivals looking for submissions. Aspiring filmmakers ages 12–18 can be part of the 19th Annual Derek Freese Youth Media Film Festival, and those at college or graduate-level are encouraged to submit to either the Living Skies Student Film Festival in March or the Reality Bytes Festival in April. All are great ways for young filmmakers to showcase their work, maybe win a prize, or maybe just begin the long character-building road that is artistic rejection. It’s just as much a part of the artist’s process as commercial success, and you might as well start strengthening that cynical outer shell as early as you can. So pressure your friends, enemies, children, and nieces to submit their work to one of these upcoming film festivals – they might thank you for it later.

Deadlines and festival dates for each are different, but you can find out more information at these sites:

The Derek Freese Youth Media Film Festival

The Living Skies Student Film Festival

The Reality Bites Festival