Yet another grotesque and oddly unsatisfying season has come and gone for show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. And? Well there's not much for me to say. It was a rollercoaster of intrigue and absolute dissappointment with a climactic ending equivalent to my grandmother kicking a cat into the neighbors garbage can.

Now, I could name a plethora of reasons as to why this season just did not work but there is one that I would like to shine a freakshow spotlight on: the definition of horror.

Horror = "a very strong feeling of fear, dread, and shock"

Well, I was creeped out by Twisty and Dandy with their murderous aptitude and stunning theater display of circus fun while dressed as clowns. Which sadly was what would have made a better show altogether.

I feared that the show would die on the third episode save for the Halloween special that kept me hoping for more.

I definitely dreaded another preach from the choir that freaks are humans too. I know guys, I saw. From the very beginning I saw it all.

Shocking? Maybe for Ma Petite dying but other than that? Don't make me laugh. The show lacked and then had its random moments where it became promising to only drag me down to feeling hollow. So many morals that were spoken outright drowned out the nightmarish empathy I feel every time I watched this show. The flavor was drained and so was the character of Jessica Lange.

She plays the same woman every time.

 Show owner Elsa Mars.

Show owner Elsa Mars.

This show needs a reawakening.

So here's what I suggest:

You guys did every 20th and 21st century possible so let's take it back to the 1800's in Germantown Philadelphia, PA to do Fairytales. They are traditionally known for their promiscuity and unimaginable gore that you guys are so fond of. It can make a horror and could promote another all-female ensemble. Ahem, Bluebeard. Change the whole cast and give it a fresh face as the star of the show.

Get back the horror and make me cringe under my bed sheets yet still curious to see the monster that has secretly been haunting me in my dreams.