Have we all noticed it? Hollywood has been closing its doors on original content. More and more remakes, books, and franchises have been taking over and not one single original script has made it to the top ten at the box office. I say let's get weird.

The year of 2014 has seen a plethora of sequels and superhero movies but only one semi-original scripts have made its way to only score 9th place with Big Hero 6 which is of course Disney's version of trying to immitate the Japanese.

Though we've seen huge conglomerates giving their princesses less of a coke-bottle figure and some personality tune ups, we still haven't encountered an estrogen filled super hero movie. Nor will we see a fantasy that wouldn't be kin to LOTR or Star Wars. Joss Whedon blasts Hollywood on their ancient ways for prolonging the inevitable trip and slew of female super hero movies and also mentions why they aren't budging from their gaudy investments.

Now what about the other genres? Horror hasn't made a wave since Insidious and fantasy is dead unless you hail another masterpiece from the late Tolkien or jump on George R. R. Martin's bandwagon.

Maybe we don't see it but reading this article has definitely pushed my buttons to call more attention to original content.

So how do we do that? Well check here to promote/support some of the up and coming projects or create one yourself. We need to fight this war and go to sites like this one or this post.

Also this company here is taking original scripts! So let's get crazy and show Hollywood what we are made of!