KNOCK KNOCK: Another Mediocre Eli Roth Film

Lately, I’ve been very busy between school, work, different internships, and life in general that it’s become tough to go to the theater and catch up on the different films that are out right now. Within the last three weeks, I’ve seen two films. And unfortunately, they both happened to be mediocre Eli Roth flicks. The last time it was THE GREEN INFERNO, which I had written a post about it last week. This week, however, was his brand new film KNOCK KNOCK, starring Keanu Reeves and his wife (and also GREEN INFERNO star) Lorenza Izzo. To be honest, I was really driven in by the plot about this married man having a threesome with two younger women that weren’t his wife and the problems that went along with it, but that was just my sick sense of humor. The first half hour, while very talky, is just the exposition needed to build up the film. But then it’s until we get past those scenes that the film takes a turn for the worse, storyline-wise and quality-wise.

Eli Roth likes to torture people. KNOCK KNOCK is literally “torture-porn” to a T. It tortures its characters and its audience. The characters don’t want to be tortured and neither does the audience – the audience just wants it over. Look, I don’t have a problem with Eli Roth doing what he does best. When he wants to be, he is an extremely talented filmmaker who knows how to make people uneasy. But a lot of the torture stuff in this film is annoying and really unnecessary. It doesn’t add to the story and it just makes things worse for a character that doesn’t really go nowhere. I think Eli Roth would be a much better filmmaker and writer is if he finally comes to terms over the fact that he is a horrible dialogue writer. His dialogue doesn’t build up suspense in the first thirty minutes, and it is then when the girls start to act annoying and say really stupid shit and get Reeves’s character going. And that’s another thing – Eli Roth should really trim down with the misogyny. It’s been a problem throughout his career. These girls that have sex with the main character are only there to tempt him to have sex and ruin his life for no other reason than “because it’s fun,” and then sympathize and feel bad for the male character that it’s happening to. KNOCK KNOCK isn’t very good, and there are probably much better genre films out right now. I just don’t know when I’ll get around to seeing them.