Goosebumps is Back with Black

In honor of this weekend being Halloween I've decided to look into the new Goosebumps movie that is currently in theaters. Goosebumps was released on October 16th and stars Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Amy Ryan and Odeya Rush. Jack Black plays the famous horror author R. L. Stine who is forced to capture all of his imaginary monsters after they have been released from their books. Some iconic and memorable characters from the series such as Slappy the Dummy, the Abominable Snowman and even the vengeful Lawn Gnomes. The movie makes references to a large handful of Stine's stories which is sure to bring back some nostalgic feelings from fans of the series.

By the look of the trailers and several reviews it looks like Goosebumps the movie will be a funny and interesting play on one of our favorite childhood books. The movie seems kid friendly with its PG rating and seems take on a very comical side that isn't shown in the books. Even though the stories and characters may not be as frightening as they were as a kid I still believe the movie will be a successful venture for fans.