THE GREEN INFERNO: More Red Than Green

It’s taken over two years, but THE GREEN INFERNO has finally been released in theaters. But despite all of the talk and interest, should it have stayed locked up in the vault? Eli Roth’s new gore-fest is an interesting case study: it is very poorly acted, has a horrible script, and full of random, nonsensical moments that are completely ridiculous. And yet, it is something that no matter how bad, I just couldn’t take my eyes off screen. It’s enticing, grasping, and it never really lets you go once it gets rolling. There’s a scene with a plane crash that was just as fun to watch as it probably was to create. There is a scene of cannibalism that is so gory and so gross that I seriously hope it wins an Oscar for make-up. Despite the fact that it isn’t a great film, I can’t say that I actually hated THE GREEN INFERNO.