The Names Bond, James Bond

The fourth movie in the James Bond series starring Daniel Craig was released in theaters last weekend. Spectre grossed 70,403,148 it's opening weekend and has squeaked by with a #1 rank at the box office two weekends in a row. It has made 130,700,181 domestically and 413,100,000 foreignly totaling 543,800,181 worldwide. Even though it doesn't come close to the earnings made from Skyfall it still deserves its recognition in toping the other two films in the Craig series.

Besides the appeal of Daniel Craig, and the simple fact that it's a 007 movie, Spectre seems like a reasonable way to spend your time and money. The film stars known actors such as Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux and the notorious Bond villain Christoph Waltz. Sam Mendes, the director of Skyfall, is back as well and from what I've seen in sneak peaks, trailers and interviews it seems he's done a similar job. With rumors of Daniel Craig not coming back for a fifth movie I believe all the Bond fans out there should appreciate this movie as a possible chapter ending and hope for more.