Monty Python and the Holy Grail of Comedy

Comedy is a genre congested with stereotypical story lines with happy endings. I don't think it's unreasonable to say a fair amount of comedic movies today share common elements. Sequels are starting to evolve into trilogies. Would you be surprised if I said they were coming out with a Hangover Part IV or Grown Ups 3? I wouldn't, and I'd go see them if they were made but the British comedic group know as Monty Python is a whole different story. Their films stand alone, separate from other comedies.

Most of their titles are marked with the Monty Python signature. That signature is more than a name but instead a brand of comedy. Movies that contain unique narratives that twist and turn in directions the viewers never saw coming. Jokes that either don't land or explode on impact. Scenarios that both enlighten and discourage your previous thoughts. These movies successfully became their own unique sect of comedy and arguably stand incomparable to any other comedies. I highly urge anyone who hasn't seen their movies to take time and enjoy some rare comedy.