We all know that Los Angeles is the golden city of broken hearts and shattered dreams. As a matter of fact, it is rated as one of the top cities for most people living on the streets. It's not all glitz and glamour as most people make it out to be. But it is definitely the city that has made countless, broke many, and ultimately defined all in the entertainment industry.

I went to LA this past summer for an internship program. I studied Media Studies & Production and had an interest in screenwriting for television. So I came out to the city with an open mind and a determination that kept me crawling through the grueling process. Like many others, I was rejected countless times and faced the humiliating status of being internship-less before I landed on the west coast. But I fatefully landed two different ones and learned a great deal from them.

Los Angeles is a city where people of all origins historically came to create new beginnings and it was no different when I touched down. The look and feel of the city can be translated in numerous ways. It has definitely been a city that was confused and lost it's way in trying to define itself throughtout the decades. With the traditional Mexican appeal this city has instilled in its very being, the art deco and modernist techinique has warped the skyscrapers and the various apartment complexes. The people are actually the same too.

Everybody goes there wanting to be something, do something, or just change themselves all together. Going out there I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. Little did I know, it takes a lot more to realize who you truly are and what you want in a city that can offer so much.

The people are zany and a bit crazy, always dressing as a character in hopes to meet a celebrity at In-n-Out Burger. It's easy to get caught up in the fascination, the mere competition that is always in place. It's a city about "ME" for God's sake. You literally sell yourself to this business in hopes that you will become the next big thing. But you get lost in oh so many ways. Coming out here I knew no one.

The days were long and the nights wild. Great food that was incredibly healthy and weather that seemed almost too good to be true. With smoke & mirrors dangling from place to place I found myself torn between a lot of decisions. I wanted to be out there but there was something missing from home.

I had let nobody in and nobody was there for me. But the good thing is, you find your niche. I found a small group of people and it almost felt like I never left Philly.

In this land of drugs, dreams, and alcohol it is possible for anybody to make it. You just have to be the one to be brave enough to get out there and connect. It really is a business based on who you know and you never know just who the person is sitting right next to you. You know your limits and what you can or cannot be capable of. Yet this is the land of opporunity and sometimes you have to break yourself to make it.