Saturday Night Live is the show that will never die. Hopefully I'm wrong, seeing as how I think the Best Of or Decade specials are the most successful episodes the show has produced in years, but even considering it's waning success it's difficult to see it realistically ending anytime soon. 

The show has even recently inspired a documentary, Live From New York, that will be airing at the Tribeca Film Festival later this April. It's going to include everything you would expect from a documentary about Saturday Night Live, which after 40 years might sound repetitive, but it's history and inception are arguably the most interesting things the show has to offer after so long.

That being said, is everybody else interested enough in watching a documentary about a show nobody's really watched in its entirety for at least the last 10 years? That's the question of the day, and I guess we'll get our answer when the film's released.