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Everybody knows that feeling when you're watching your favorite TV show or the newest movie On Demand and there's a song playing that is so damn familiar and will be stuck in your head for days, but that you can't for the life of you figure out who it's by. Well, I've solved all your problems. 

  They even have a schedule for   upcoming   episodes, anticipating the exasperating memory failure you're bound to have.

They even have a schedule for upcoming episodes, anticipating the exasperating memory failure you're bound to have.

TuneFind has taken this frustrating phenomenon and turned created a revolutionary database that catalogues all of those annoyingly catchy TV songs that you can't remember the name of. Instead of siting at home like goof idiotically humming into your phone so some woefully ill-designed song-discovering app can try and translate your amateur garbling into the piece of music you're actually looking for, you can now go to TuneFind and discover every song that was played in every episode ever.

The great thing about it is it works for those shows you're proud to watch and share with others, the Breaking Bad's of the world, but it will also help you will all those songs from shows you rather not admit to friends that you watch. Sure, you wanna know what the song was that was playing at the end of Pretty Little Liars, but you're a 28 year-old man and you're not quite sure you're willing to ask your friends if they've seen that episode yet. TuneFind is here for you, in your darkest times, to help you scratch all those mental aural itches that plague your resting hours.