So I know I've technically already written about the upcoming Rocky XCIIVIXC that's been filming in Philly this winter, and even one post about it seems like one too many, but just last week my mother called me excitedly to let me know that they've been filming at the South Philly institution Victor Cafe. A little background – I've been having birthday dinners at Victor's for probably the past 10 years. It's dumb and I've had better Italian food, but the waiters are all aspiring or studying opera singers, and having aspiring and studying opera singers sing you happy birthday is demonstratively better than having Red Lobster employees sing you happy birthday.

The new Rocky movie has co-opted Victor's and made it "Adrian's," complete with a new awning, hanging sign, and neon lights. It's a weird cool thing about filmmaking – repurposing, seeing common things you've come to know transformed into something completely different. They've shut down the whole street to accommodate this transformation, and as annoying as that must be for every other business on the block I can't imagine how excited Victor's employees will be seeing their restaurant up on the big screen. When M. Night Shyamalan was filming The Happening they used my highschool auditorium, and as dumb as that movie ultimately was there was no pride quite like watching your crappy school painted and new with Marky Mark pretending he could be a science teacher projected 20 feet tall.