If you're an internet person, a film blog person, or a Tumblr person in particular, A-Bittersweet-Life is a great cinema blog and analysis resource for film lovers everywhere. Created and maintained by New York filmmaker Edwin Adrian Nieves, A-Bittersweet-Life cycles through every possible aspect of filmmaking and cinema imaginable to build a site dedicated to introspective filmic interpretation.

"As an audience, we need to teach the industry that we do want to be challenged, and we can start that by supporting our independent filmmakers, our emerging filmmakers, and the filmmakers who are also at the center of the 'film-business' and trying to sincerely express their voices."

 Nieves, and you can follow him on  twitter  too.

Nieves, and you can follow him on twitter too.

One of the great things about it being hosted on Tumblr is that it mixes the gif and image-heavy nature of Tumblr blogs with the text and analysis cinema appreciation blog users have come to expect. Nieves is an insightful critic, and covers a broad range of well- and un-known films to share and explore with his viewers.