We all know our minute attention span these days crave for something short, crude, and exciting. And that does not always include your hard hitting dramas and highly sexualized period pieces. With shows like Once Upon A Time and American Horror Story, the fairy tale and horror genres have become the fad that everybody is talking about. But there is news of yet another thriller/anthology that will be appearing on the CW and helmed by Stephen King's own son, Joe Hill.

Tales From the Darkside is a reboot of the 1980's show of the same name. Though teenybopper CW will grace its lineup for this seemingly creepy show, I believe it will do well. The CW has already set sail for their Fall series to carry on for more seasons and the only other genre they have not hopped on the bandwagon for is the horror category. With the show committing to a differnet cast every week with a vast array of stories to tell, this show should become the next best thing since The Twilight Zone. Not only that but the son of The Dark Lord himself should give nothing but the very best of the genre: meaning sex, gore, and thrills. And let's not forget his recent film adapted from one of his novels starring the mansome Daniel Radcliffe.

Check out the original right here! If the whole fantasy/horror/mini series fetish is up your alley then look out for this pilot in later 2015.