The Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay is a mouthful to say. Now if only the rewards were just as filling. Well, now, this film festival is promising a plethora of advantages for its fellow contestants no matter what place they may find themselves in.

The Austin Film Festival is promising all of its entrants that if they enter by the early access date (April 20th for all categories), not only would they pay a cheaper entry fee but they will receive reader notes on their screenplay before entering it for the Big Kahuna. These reader notes are guaranteed to be a paragraph long and provide a realistic reaction of what a judge might critique the writer on. If you anage to get to the second round then an additional 2-3 readers will give the script an even more in-depth analysis.

The sections contestants can sign up for are the following:

  • Feature Screenplay (Early = $40)
  • Short Screenplay (Early = $30)
  • Teleplay (Early = $30)

This chance comes only once a year and with the added feedback for your script, you can get more than just hoping you're a semi-finalist. The cost is worth it considering how much people charge for script coverages nowadays. Check here for further information