Oh summer! Besides the great excuse to do whatever the hell you want, you give us all the blessed opportunity to binge watch the plethora of series the world needs to catch up on. Here at Spirit Animal, we have compiled our own list:

Daredevil (Netflix) = A TV adaptation of the beloved comic book franchise that has made its way to binge-worthy television. And let me tell you, Ben Affleck got nothing on this!

SiliconValley (HBO) = Just releasing their sophomore season, this group of software programmers take this satire to a whole other level with hilarity and the gritty truth intact! If you are apart of the cult following of "Office Space", then this will blow your mind.

Better Call Saul (AMC/Netflix) = From the creators of Breaking Bad, this show has made a prequel to the aforementioned show and has carried its own personal touch to keep viewers satisfied. Filled with dark comedy and a different tone than Breaking Bad, this show will attract old and new viewers alike.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) = We all know Tina Fey and her stylistic comedy is an acquired taste. Unfortunately, Unbreakable is no different. Though unbelievable to get through on the first episode, the array of characters and personalities make this ridiculous satire somewhat addictive and sure to leave your stomach in stitches.

Last Man on Earth (Fox) = Though tough to watch on the first episode, this show makes progress as the main character, played by Will Forte, meets another human being and continues the comedy to a better plot that will make you happy that you stayed on for it as long as you have!

Orange is the New Black (Netflix) = This female prison has made headwaves since its debut! It's not too late to jump on this fantastic bandwagon as the third season premiere is coming up this June! Filled with (tons of lesbian action) dark comedy and something for everybody no matter your sexuality, this comedy has done well to keep the show running and will leave you wanting more after every episode.

House of Cards (Netflix) = This political drama is driven through with the manipulation of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as they make their way to the seat of presidency. This rollercoaster of a ride takes viewers on a road of intrigue as the family you love to hate takes down anybody who crosses their path.

Game of Thrones (HBO) = The famed series that has taken the world by storm is no exception to this list of binge-worthy shows. Following a different set of families and their struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms, this anti-hero show keeps you guessing with every episode. Watch now to see who (if any) makes it out alive in this game of a show.

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