Ever wonder if there was a contest JUST for those slasher dreams, and scary tidbits of narrative masterpieces that you have been keeping in your basement for the world to be mortified with? Here comes the #1 Horror Screenplay Festival that takes the cake and turns it into something for every morbid mind to take a hack at.

The 2015 ScreamCraft Screenplay Competition has unleashed its calendar and its early entry fee is now available. With only $29 your script will be first of the bunch to be read until April 15th where it goes up to a whopping $49.

This competition has a lineup of some fantastic judges who all have a hand in producing and choosing some of the most notorious horror films to date! Not only will grand prize winners will receive a $2000 cash prize but also attain exclusive notes and phone calls with executive producers in the industry to go over your very own script. This competition has it all and will make sure that you go on to do something with those beautiful nightmares of yours.