As a soon-to-be recent graduate of film school, IndieWire's recent article "Why Go to Film School When It's Cheaper to Just Make a Movie?" makes me equal parts nervous and reflective. According to their calculations, buying your own editing software and equipment runs less expensive than traditional four year colleges, and often times gets you just as far as inexperience and a college degree. 

Vocational schools like New York Film Academy are fast becoming an appealing alternative between prestigious but expensive film school options like NYU or USC, offering the mentoring atmosphere of a learning setting within a practical curriculum that fosters learning through experience. It certainly puts into perspective the $80,000 conventional college custom. Then again, independent learning often has the unfortunate unintended consequence of creating artists with egos the size of small countries, and limiting the breadth of their academic understanding. 

Either way, you're in for a lot of work. Make an informed decision, and know whatever you choose there's gonna be people telling you you should have done it the other way.