Wet Hot Anticipation: Getting Stoked for Netflix's Reboot of a Cult Classic

It's not news that Netflix has been doing some pretty great things with its original content. After the wild success of its two original series House of Cards and Orange is the New Black - the former which made it the first online streaming service to win an Emmy award - Netflix has been pumping out all kinds of new and exciting programming. A recent project that has got us all giddy is the upcoming eight episode long prequel to the 2001 cult comedy film Wet Hot American Summer. 

The original film is set in the early 80s and follows the antics of a whacky group of summer camp counselors on the last day of camp. The Netflix reboot rewinds the clock, setting it on the first day of camp when the sun is hot, the tube socks are high, and the hormones/psychos are raging.

Arguably the most exciting part of it all is that the entire original cast will be reprising their roles, plus some very excellent additions. A reunion means some of the best comedic actors of our time - namely Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Janeane Garofalo, Molly Shannon, and Michael Ian Black among a slew of others - will be gracing us with eight glorious episodes of absurdity. If that isn't reason to feel wet and hot, I don't know what is. 

Tune in to Netflix on Friday, July 31st when all the episodes will be released. (And then weep Saturday after you binge watch the entire season in a single night). To gear up for the premiere, Netflix is now streaming the original Wet Hot American Summer so go watch it, laugh, and get pumped for more!