The Lumenati CS1: DIY Filmmaking Just Got a Little More Doable

As video technology in smartphones increasingly improves, more and more people are taking advantage of this accessible means to make their own films. The inventors of the Lumenati Cinematic Smartcase have streamlined the process and given it a nostalgic twist that will make amateur filmmaking not only easier, but more fun. Their design allows you to insert your iPhone into the body of the camera just like you would load a film cartridge into an old school Super 8. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to see how it works. They've already soared beyond their goal, proof that there is a strong demographic of film and video nerds ready to put this cute lil thing into action. Contribute to the campaign now to get your own Lumenati!

Related: Shooting on iPhones is apparently all the rage. Check out the trailer for Tangerine, a new feature film gaining lots of recognition for being shot entirely on iPhones. I'll bet the folks behind that film would've put a Lumenati to good use. 

Nicholas Dagostino