Five Facts You Have to Know to Start Your Own Video Production Company

Starting a business is never easy. Starting a video production company is an even bigger challenge. In celebration of Spirit Animal's first birthday, we wanna share what we have learned over the past year. Hopefully, if you are one day in the same shoes as we are, you will keep these helpful tips in mind:

1. Bee stings are WAY scarier than zombies

Seriously! When we were in production for the crowd funding video for Innovation Factory's new product Li'l Trucker, we found this out the hard way. In the midst of shooting in the woods, the bees started to swarm us, especially our zombies whose special makeup contained sweet jelly. Oh man, it was unforgettable watching zombies swatting and flailing, trying to escape the bee stings. Luckily, no zombies were harmed by those little monsters. 

A big thanks to our zombies / bee sting survivalists!

You can watch the entire video here.

2. Your best talent could be a dog

 Our perfect talent

Our perfect talent

For Naked Cooler's crowdfunding video shoot, we had some of the best talent on set - including the very dedicated & super energetic dog that belonged to the location owner. She kept her energy high and never had a single complaint. There was a shot we featured of her jumping into the pool with other actors and she was so on point in every take. IMDb page credit for you, little doggie! See you on the red carpet!

Here is the final video, where you can find our puppy star at 00:19.

3. Open your mind 

A lot of times, video productions smell like sweat (from carrying all the gear) and tears (from trying to meet the deadline). But luckily for us, when we shot ITSBYU's instructional videos, we were surrounded by a beautiful, flowery aura. It was quite a magical feeling and being so close to nature really brought out the sensitive sides in all of us. Even the guys were feeling all lovey-dovey! Keep your mind open to all different types of projects, because every experience has something new and rewarding to offer.  

 Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

4. Never forget your childhood dreams

There is something about seeing children playing that reminds you of a simpler time. We felt this ten-fold when seeing up to 2,000 kids come to the soccer field to try out their skills for Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer's Olympic Development Program. Seeing their pure energy and hearing about their goals was truly inspiring. It reminded us that we too were once young and full of great dreams for the future. It reinvigorated us to keep on pursuing our own childhood dreams, which we are proud to say we are doing!

Take a look at the video we made for the soccer tryouts and feel the inspiration!

5. Treat your neighbors well

We are located in a co-working space - 3580IQL - and have grown to love and appreciate all of our neighbors. In the past year, we found background actors, locations, and equipment for our projects through this building. Moreover, we found clients! Besides just networking, we even made this little video for our neighbors at Mountain Paper to help their crowdfunding project. So remember to always treat your neighbors and community well because you never know what surprises may come!

Overall, as long as you remain flexible and optimistic when dealing with the obstacles that may arise during productions, you will enjoy life more than you thought. It is August 1st which means Spirit Animal is finally one year old (*cries tears of joy*). We are so grateful for the enormous amount of support we have received from all clients, crew, friends, and family.  Thanks to you, we have truly enjoyed our work over the past year and are looking forward to many more to come!

Happy 1st Birthday, Spirit Animal! :)