Christmas Day Excitement: Shyamalan Makes his TV Debut

Philly’s own M. Night Shyamalan has come out of the woodwork making his TV debut with Wayward Pines, based on the popular book series.  Like Christmas day, the story of Wayward Pines clearly delivers all the presents that get Shyamalan excited like a little child; twists, turns, shock and secrets.

The show starts out with an amazing atmosphere only M. Night could create. It reminds me of the little model town you set up around the Christmas tree (see show intro). Everyone plays house, and goes about their roles and routines in the town with a smile on their faces. Everything runs like clockwork until Matt Dillon’s character is introduced as the broken cog in the gear.

Now, to preface what I am about to say, I haven’t trusted a show based on conspiracies and secrets ever since LOST broke my heart when it spiraled out of control in its final season.  But Wayward Pines earned my trust back. The first few episodes had me absolutely HOOKED. The show simultaneously added mystery while unraveling said presents in the most beautiful way.  Then, the unraveling just exploded. Literally, there was an explosion.

Is it possible to have too many presents? I think it is called being spoiled. It is like a child coming down the stairs Christmas day and not knowing what present to open first, so they just claw at everything in sight, tearing apart gift wrapping and ribbons. The show didn’t just take a turn. The whole tone has change. But I’m still going to watch because the first few episodes were so good.  Find out if Wayward Pines is for you on Fox: Here is a trailer to grab your interest.