Jared the Joker Leto: Big Clown Shoes to Fill

Oscar winner Jared Leto has been given a rare opportunity to portray one of the most notorious super villains in comic book history.  The Joker, an iconic evil doer who has been causing chaos since the 1940s, has been portrayed by a variety of actors including Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.  Even though this character has been played time and time again, each actor has identified their own personal nature.  In 1989 Jack Nicholson depicted a mastermind gangster with some skin issues. In 2008 Heath Ledger's anarchist depiction "-just wanted to watch the world burn." Jared Leto on the other hand seems to have gone with a more psychotic, unhinged illustration.  After watching trailer after trailer, I am sure to say that Leto's performance will bring a whole new darkness to the Joker character.

On August 5th, 2016 Jared Leto will be put to the test when SUICIDE SQUAD is released in theaters.  As viewers, we will have to put aside our biased opinions, hope that Leto is able to pull out a second Oscar winning performance and show us a whole new side to our favorite villian.