Weak on the Left Side: Changing the Way We Win

In honor of the first Monday Night Football game of the 2015/2016 season I've decided to look back at one of the greatest football movies ever created.  In 2000, REMEMBER THE TITANS was released into theaters and changed the way we view football. Instead of a brutal, physical representation of the game we see the emotional side that is usually overlooked. We see enemies become brothers. We see a time where race is still a fresh wound. This movie not only successfully captured the raw essence of the sport but provided a social commentary on racial prejudice, religion, family and of course football.

As we sit on our couches and indulge in pizza, wings, and adult sodas try to remember that the teams out there are real people with real stories. Remember that there is conflict, fantasy, drama and even comedy in every aspect of life. Remember that there is inspiration all around us. If anything, make sure you remember the Titans.