Loglines: A Screenwriter's Best Friend

Loglines are a staple and an extremely beneficial tool in screenwriting. In the competitive world of filmmaking a logline allows the buyer to get a quick glimpse of what the story is truly about.  It's a quick trailer for your script that will either make or break your brilliant idea. The importance of a good logline is pivotal in attempting to sell your script and become the Oscar winning rockstar you always knew you were.

Trimming your 110 page idea down to one sentence seems counter productive, maybe even impossible, but I assure you that taking your time on your logline will be beneficial. This one sentence will not only make your script more sellable but will also help develop and solidify your overall idea. Blake Snyder says in his screenwriting book, Save The Cat, that a good logline must satisfy four basic elements. The four elements being irony, a compelling mental picture, an identifiable audience and cost and a great title to match. I used Snyder's method on my past projects and was able to come away with a better, well thought out logline for all of my stories. I highly suggest that if you're in the screenwriting business, or wish you were, you should look back on past projects and develop better loglines. There's always room for improvement. 

For further reading on Blake Snyder or Save The Cat follow the source link at the top of this page.