Pioneering Your Mind: Conquering the Blank Page

The chaotic buzz, constant rejection, overwhelming pressure and endless hours are all recurring factors of a career in the film industry.  Film classes are competitive and the world outside higher learning is like standing at the base of the Himalayas with a jump rope and cardigan.  The life of a filmmaker is scary, but over all those things I fear a more crippling idea.  Film schools across America are infected with the ridiculous notion that throughout history all original content has been used up, and our generation is left with remakes and sequels. This concept is even more surprising because the film industry seems to have constructed the idea themselves!  Some believe that no matter what you think it’s always derived from another source, but when does it end? 


No matter the size or subject, every single idea is original in its own nature.  It doesn’t matter how you came to the idea or even how you developed it.  If a shot by shot remake of Forgetting Sarah Marshall was created with new characters, settings and major events it would still basically be the same idea.  Both films would end up being a corky romantic comedy that leaves you feeling like a Care Bear inside, but because a completely different person created the second film it makes it a original idea.  Sure, most movies in the same genre have an universal structure and receive similar reactions, but that doesn’t mean the people who make them should down themselves for being inspired by other works.  The fact that someone’s idea can spark inspiration in you to create is reassuring and exciting.  The drought of originality is not a factor that effects this generation or any generation before.  Ideas spread like wildfire and there’s no way to put it out, so you might as well face the facts and watch it burn.  You don’t have to be a pioneer to discover something that no one has ever seen.  You just have to know how to make it your own.