MISTRESS AMERICA: The new Baumbach/Gerwig vehicle

Earlier this week, I was able to watch the new Noah Baumbach film MISTRESS AMERICA in theaters. Originally I wasn’t expecting anything, since I’ve only seen the trailer once before (literally two days before I went to see the film). I was blown away with what I watched, so much so that I went back again the other night to watch it one more time. Baumbach, who wrote the film with his girlfriend/star of the film Greta Gerwig, has made one of the best films I’ve seen this year. With a combination of laughter and heart in a very tight, fast-paced film, MISTRESS AMERICA exceeds expectations all the way. Gerwig is amazing in her role and newcomer Lola Kirke is a standout. The script’s dialogue is incredibly well-written but it wouldn’t be without its performers, who pull off some of the best delivery timing of the year. There is a whole sequence that lasts a little bit more than a half hour in a rich suburban Connecticut house that is one of my favorite moments of the year, full of interesting long takes, great character exchanges, and witty one liners. If you can see MISTRESS AMERICA before it leaves, I highly recommend it.