Spirit Animal January Recap

It's 2017, and Spirit Animal is starting the year off right. 

What's new at Spirit Animal?

We're Growing!

We're happy to announce the addition of two Animals as we bring in a new year of production in Philly.

 Marcus Mabane - Motion Graphics Designer

Marcus Mabane - Motion Graphics Designer

Meet Marcus Mabane, our new Motion Graphics Designer: 

Marcus originally came to Spirit Animal as a freelancer, but he was so damn good we just had to keep him around. He graduated from Philadelphia University with a degree in Digital Animation, and is passionate about motion graphics.

 Katrina Sorrentino - Producer / Editor

Katrina Sorrentino - Producer / Editor

Meet Katrina Sorrentino, our new "Preditor":

Katrina came to Spirit Animal last year to help out with our marketing, but quickly began getting involved with pre-production and post-production work. She's now helping out with all of those things full time as our producer / editor / marketing guru.

What We're Cooking Up in 2017.

We've got some exciting stuff coming your way in the coming months here at Spirit Animal. While we can't drop all the details yet, we can give you a few hints:

  • Our blog is going from 0 - 100 this year. New, original content that you can use.
  • We'll be keeping you up-to-date every month on what's going on in Spirit Animal Land.
  • We've got some eye candy coming your way. We weren't lying when we said Marcus was good.
  • We'll make you a (package) offer you can't refuse.

That's all we can say for now...keep your eyes peeled for good things, my friend.


Lights, Camera, Action.

Our highlighted January production was a live recording of a major webinar for Growthlab in New York City. Our 4-camera setup, pre-webinar interviewing and effective motion graphics helped to provide viewers with all of the important details about the product launch...and made the subjects look great if we don't say so ourselves....


What makes it so great?

The webinar resulted in record setting sales and enrollment for Growthlab's product.

Katrina Sorrentino