Making Your Own Brand Video? Don't Forget these 3 Things

The Most Important Things About Making Your Own Video That Nobody Ever Talks About

There are hundreds of articles, blog posts and Youtube videos on making videos. But at Spirit Animal, we've found that the majority of these resources talk about technical specs (how to shoot, edit, etc.) or are so high level that they don't really do much to help you create a great, short business video that talks about the right things to attract the right audiences.

Which is why we've decided to to talk about the things that nobody else does - the important things about making a brand video that makes people connect with your brand and take action.

Getting a great interview

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A great interview is the backbone of a strong brand video. You need to tell the story behind your business, promote the benefits you offer and position it as the best choice for customers to choose - all within 1 - 2 minutes.

The most effective way to do this is to set up an interview that will cover all of these points and craft a script that will serve as your narration for the video. Some questions to start with include:

  • What is your name and your business name?
  • What does your business do? (describe in two sentences)
  • What separates you from your competitors?

[Note: Our FULL list of interview questions you should be asking is included in our Guide to Making Great Video for Under $150 - it's a free download!]

Being fully prepared for your shoot

Something that's always overlooked and never really talked about is the sheer amount of preparation leading up to the time you shoot your video. The last thing you want to do is start filming, and notice that you don't have your signature dish prepared or you are out of stock of the specialty product that everyone buys at your store. Here are a few of our top pre-productions MUST DOs before you even pick up your camera:

  • Clean, clean, clean! Your store / office should look spotless, the way you've always dreamed it would...but never had the time to make it look so good. The camera won't magically hide clutter, hanging wires or mess.
  • Schedule to shoot on a day when your store is closed, or close down your shop for 2 hours if needed. You want a quiet, controlled environment so you can get everything you need without the stress and legal concerns of customers. Find family or friends willing to be featured in your store shopping, buying, laughing and interacting. Who wants to go to a place that's void of any customers?
  • Make sure you have your signature dishes and products ready for shooting. Restaurants should have dishes prepared and hot for shooting.


Being Smart with your budget

Chances are, if you're creating your own brand video, you are working on a minimal budget. So many times, we see people going out and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment that they don't need. So here are our top tidbits of advice:

  • Spend money on audio first. Audio is king - if your video sounds like garbage, people will not watch. RODE has plenty of affordable mics under $100 that work for both DSLRs and smartphones.
  • Don't own a DSLR? Consider shooting your video using your smartphone. Today's technology allows for some really fantastic video footage to be taken on phones. Sure, you don't have all the same controls and the quality is often less...but dropping hundreds on a DSLR or video camera that you don't know how to use is silly and won't fit a small budget.
    • If you really want to use a better camera, consider renting from a place like LensRentals (they deliver all over the country). It's cheaper than investing in a camera and lenses.
  • Take advantage of free resources and software. From editing software to free stock music to Youtube tutorials on lighting, audio, shooting and editing - it's never been easier to create a video of fairly good quality at such a low cost.

Think about viral videos floating around on the internet...they didn't all take huge budgets. In fact, many of them are shot on a smartphone. But the real point is this: if you have a clear, strong message and something interesting to show, people will watch.


If this post was helpful, you should check out our Guide to Making Great Video for Under $150 - it's available for free. It includes more in-depth stuff about what you need to be doing to make a great brand video like:

  • Pre-production checklist
  • Interview questions & sample script
  • Equipment list (where to buy the stuff too!)
  • Shot list and descriptions
  • Best practices & more!



Katrina Sorrentino