This is Why Your Social Profiles Need Legit Video

Like we told you, consumers love quality video -- it’s one of the best ways to tap into any market and engage your audience. Watching a good video is an immersive experience, one that piledrives into the mind and stays there. Think about how many Super Bowl commercials you remember, not just from this year, but from this decade. If you weren’t thinking about Doritos, Snickers, or E-Trade before, I bet you are now. Those were some good f**king videos. 

If you want to rank among the giants of any industry, it’s best to keep a handle on your media and advertising strategies and to employ the techniques of the best-in-business. In this day and age, those techniques center on two things -- quality videography and social media management. Your social media is your slingshot and great video content is the spitball you load it with-- one without the other won’t go far.


Show & Tell

Try explaining the OJ chase in 150 characters. Not quite as effective, eh?

So, picture this: there’s a white car. It’s going pretty slowly down a freeway. The man driving it is on the phone. There are a few cop cars behind him.  Slowly, more cop cars show up. It is probably the slowest car chase ever. It peters along for awhile and then it stops. 

Does that description captivate you? Would you sit around, eagerly biting your nails, listening to that? It’s probably not as interesting as this video of O.J. Simpson’s famous Bronco Chase, which has almost 3 million views on Youtube. The power of this culturally iconic moment just can’t be conveyed in words. It is the video footage that made history, not the news transcript. New party game: try to explain the Bronco chase to a tween, using only your words. It won’t go well. 

Do you think a short text description does your product justice? If so, you might need a better product. Just like you learned in Kindergarten, it’s show and tell, not just tell. Trust us-- your product deserves it, and your analytics do too. 


The Era is in Motion

Americans huddled around their radios to listen to FDR speak because it was the closest they could feel to being there in person. The television was too damn expensive and new to have made it into every American living room. Periscopes were still on submarines and the words “live stream” probably sounded like a dirty joke.  

But, when the 1950s rolled around and brought a better economy and access to the television, radio eventually became relegated to elevators, cars, and grocery stores. Add iPods to the mix and what was once the hottest form of American media is now all but obsolete, stuck in the ceiling of the cereal aisle playing Vanessa Carlton for what seems like eternity. 

Don’t let your company’s social media strategy go the way of the radio, with a failure to keep up and provide the best content available. Video is the new way to foster engagement, and until Google Glass works out the VR system, it’s at the helm of new technology. 


Don't Waste Your Money

When you’re paying to promote a social media ad without video, you’re paying for five weeks of people scrolling right past your novel and moving on to the cute bird video underneath. This parrot can sing like Rihanna and has over 87,000 views on YouTube. You’ve got to get your content on par with that singing parrot. Don’t be upstaged by a f**king bird; make some better f**king content. 

Diode found that 60% of consumers will watch a video before reading text when both are available. So, don’t shovel another dime into a Facebook promotional campaign that relies on text -- that’s a virtual classified ad. It’s unprofessional, and the only people who read the classifieds are your grandmother and foot fetishists. Unless you’re selling Faberge eggs or your used socks, it’s time to upgrade and maximize your dollar. 

If people are going to engage with something, you want it to be something that earns you money, social media traffic, and prospective new customers.


But BEWARE: Bad Video is (Almost) Worse than No Video

Great video advertisements go viral, make history, and get remembered, damn it! Unfortunately, so do bad ones. 

We’ve never been to the Mini Mall to buy furniture, but we sure remember this guy trying to get us there… by rapping. It was a grainy, pixely, production with cut angles that gave us whiplash. There are so many bad furniture store commercials, all just as cringe-worthy and some even worse, that magazines, blogs, and Youtubers have taken notice and even made compilations of what Death and Taxes calls the “genre of bad furniture store commercials.” Holy shit. The worst first impression ever? Maybe, and, unfortunately, once bad content goes viral, you don’t get a second impression; remember Janet Jackson? You immediately thought, “Yes, nipple.” She’s not coming back from that one. 

Don’t be a furniture store rapper or a live streamed nip slip.  Go viral the right way. 

And if you're ready now, holler atchya favorite production house, Spirit Animal. Contact us today to see how we can help you get great social video out into the world.


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