11 Shots you Need to Make 4 Great Promo Videos [WITH VIDEO]

With video ruling in today's society, it's obvious that companies are working hard and fast to produce a strong, effective promo video that potential customers can engage with, share and use as tool for learning more about a brand. We've already talked about why you need great video, now you've just got to know how.

We've all seen outrageous, viral brand videos or beautifully constructed animations and illustrated videos, but it doesn't take all of these lights and crazy effects to make a strong, effective promo video for a brand.

Here are the 11 fundamental shots you need to create a good promo video:

1 solid interview shot

You're interview shot will create the narrative for your promo video, and allow audiences to connect a human to your brand. It's simple, effective and essential to setting the stage for the content to be included in the video. The rest of the b-roll shots below should coincide nicely with what's being talked about, and cut nicely with the interview.

3 hero product b-roll shots

These shots show off the goods or services being provided by the brand. What's the most notable or signature “hero” product being offered? Capture it and make sure it's being represented in the video.

3 establishing b-roll shots

You're establishing shots are just that - establishing the location and context of where the business is that you're promoting. Typically, a nice storefront pan and street shots do the job for exterior estabs. Also worth considering are stock cityscape clips if the business is located in a major recognizable metro area. For interior establishing shots, a nice wide angle of the inside of the store or office location will do.

3 unique business trait b-roll shots

Every company has a unique selling point. Maybe it's a store pet who wandered in one day and never left. Maybe you offer homemade pie to customers waiting in the lobby. Or maybe you've got a really funky decor that people always seem to talk about when they come in. Whatever it is, get some nice b-roll of what makes the company unique.

3 customer interaction b-roll shots

People love watching people. Get some action shots of typical customer interactions - checking out, perusing products, interacting with sales people...you get it.

For service providers, make sure these interactions show off the service you provide. For instance, an engineering firm might be showing CAD drawings to a client or a hairdresser might be cutting a client's hair. 

The main point of these shots are to establish the main services and products provided by the brand - what can people expect to see or receive when dealing with this company?

Katrina Sorrentino