Spirit Animal Summer Recap

It’s summertime and us Animals are living easy...okay, actually we’ve been super busy.

What's new at Spirit Animal?

We're Still Growing!

In the beginning of the year, we announced the addition of two Animals to our team. This summer, we’re happy to share that we’ve added yet another!

Meet Kelly Murray, our new Assistant Producer/Project Manager:

Kelly comes to Spirit Animal after many years working in marketing and production in the Philadelphia area. Prior to joining our team, she worked as a copywriter for QVC and as a freelancer on local independent film and TV productions. She actually helped out on our Lil’ Trucker zombie video back in 2014. She’ll be helping out with productions, project workflow, and writing for the blog and social media. 


Dig Digital Animation? So Do We

With the addition of animator Marcus Mabane to our team, we’ve been able to expand our creative services to animation...and beyond! But...we’ll focus on the animations for now. From motion graphics to 2D and even some 3D projects, we’ve provided animation on some really cool videos. Here are some of our latest:

Brenntag On-boarding Video

You feel that chemistry? Yea, we feel it too. We helped Brenntag, a chemical distribution company, make an on-boarding video created to welcome new hires to their team.


Lacework Explainer Video

When Silicon Valley-based startup Lacework needed a video to show how their cloud security solution, “Polygraph”, works, we collaborated with their ad team to deliver an effective animation story. No lie.


Prismo AeroPress Video

Product design company and coffee connoisseurs, Fellow Product, needed motion graphics for their latest product video. We brewed up some tasty text to show how the Prismo, a coffee maker accessory, can take your cup to the next level.


Aliens Invade Indiegogo

Our highlighted summer production is a sci-fi themed Indiegogo campaign video for the Spare Me 8-in-1 Rescue Tool. Shot this past July in Malvern, PA, and much like the Lil’ Trucker Kickstarter video, we created a narrative-style marketing video to show how the Spare Me is the ultimate kickass tool to have when you get a flat tire...or encounter an alien invasion. You know, the usual. We'll be launching the video this fall, so check back for the big reveal in October!


What makes this production so great?

We worked with Philly-based VFX artist David Kessler to develop completely original alien creatures. You can check out his work here

Kelly Murray