Our Professional Colorists

Colorists are often the last thing people think about on many lower-budget projects, but besides a good sound editor, they are what bring your video to the next level. A good colorist is capable of (within reason) making your footage match perfectly from shot to shot, and they are often a great second set of eyes to give you a new perspective on what your project is about and how it can look its best. Spirit Animal collaborates with experienced professional colorists to help you with your projects! 

Randy Little, Senior Colorist

Randy has been working as a colorist for 10 years with extensive experience in feature films and television.  He has color graded multiple Sundance Features and National Ad campaign's. As a foundational base, Randy also has 23 years of professional photography experience coloring both artistic and commercial images and his work is currently featured in the APA 2013 Off the Clock Exhibition.  Rounding out his portfolio, Randy has worked on tent-pole studio movies and high-end commercials as a Flame Artist, mastering the capabilities of the advanced-level software.  Randy’s wealth of experience, unique skill-set, natural talent, eye for imagery, and a passion for his craft, are all what make him one of the most sought after colorists in the industry.

Check out Randy's IMDb page and reel!


Brandon Watz,  Standard Colorist

Brandon Watz is a filmmaker, digital artist and a film colorist with
years of experience. He received his MFA in Film and Media Arts and 
teaches at Temple University. His courses explore the aesthetics and practice of color correction, as well as the cinematography of cameras in motion. His approach to color grading is guided by his work as a cinematographer, using the tonal qualities of light to create mood and emphasis in storytelling.  He has collaborated with award-winning filmmakers, Academy Award nominees, Sundance Film Festival winners, and Princess Grace Award winners.  His
work has been shown in film festivals worldwide and broadcast on streaming networks like Netflix, iTunes and Hulu.

Check out Brandon's IMDb page!