The Zombie Apocalypse Video that Helped Raise over $120k and Earned a Kickstarter Staff Choice

(Yeah, that was us.)



The Wins:

  • Kickstarter campaign met goal of $25k in just 2 days of launch
  • Campaign raised over $120K in one month (that's 492% over goal)
  • Chosen as Official Kickstarter Staff Pick
  • Featured in Huffington Post, c|net and other major news outlets

what we did:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Distribution

How it All Started

In 2015, Philadelphia native and inventor Marvin Weinberger needed something special that would help draw eyes and attention to his newest creation, the survivalist’s go-to multi-tool - the Lil’ Trucker. Marvin decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the tool, right here in the US.

What was missing? A video that showcased just how great an investment the Lil’ Trucker was.


Enter, Spirit Animal

When Marvin approached Spirit Animal, we knew we had an opportunity to stir up the crowdfunding community. We decided to forego the traditional (cough, boring, cough) product overview and brand mission video. Nobody stands around at a party and talks about those videos. The Lil’ Trucker deserved to be talked about.

Instead, we made a video that didn’t just showcase the tool’s multi-use functionality - it entertained.



Buzzworthy content doesn't appear out of thin air, so our team went hard to work brainstorming a concept that would show off the benefits of the Lil' Trucker in an unforgettable way. Being the film junkies and storytellers we are, we went with a new approach - create an action packed short film that demanded to be talked about. And so, a zombie thriller flick was born, centering around a character who's only hope of survival is her Lil' Trucker.

Once we developed and storyboarded the most killer crowdfunding video ever (pun intented), the Spirit Animal crew scouted the perfect location. A few permits later and our location secured, we acquired all of our props - from backpacks to cars - to design a kick-ass set.

Finding an experienced crew and cast that fit the nature of a project is always a priority at Spirit Animal - and this was no exception. From our main star to our makeup artist to our camera ops and production assistants, everyone involved in the production was eager and ready to create an this unforgettable video.

Lights, Camera...Zombies

From lighting to makeup to shooting, our 20 person crew came together for a packed 2-day shoot. Makeup and special effects helped turn our extras into a band of horrifying zombies. Our camera crew captured the action using a combination of jibs, stabilizers and handheld techniques - each carefully chosen for every shot to give the desired effect.

behind the scenes


After the exciting shoot, Spirit Animal took it back to the studio to make some real magic happen. Cut by our award-wining team, we turned the footage into a 6-minute thriller that took the internet by storm. Close attention to foley and audio mixing - all executed in-house at Spirit Animal - helped create a gripping experience for viewers.

In addition, we used our Peacock Color Suite to color grade and transform our clips into cinematic beauty. Special effects for smoke and fire elements were icing on the cake.

the final product:


At Spirit Animal we know a thing or two about crowdfunding - and that the number one rule is to build a loyal network of people who are going to buy your product. We knew Marvin had his own network, but to make this thing take off, we knew we needed the big guns.

We needed influencers.

45 days prior to the Kickstarter launch, Spirit Animal began a huge push to connect with major influencers connected to the survivalist space. Our team compiled a list of 200 industry influencers at various news outlets and blogs - from Huffington Post to popular horror flick blogs - anyone who we thought would sit down and be entertained by our epic video.

The campaign was covered by major outlets in with correspondence with the Kickstarter launch. Virality ensued.

The Results?