Frequency and Speed

As a preferred vendor for Comcast Spotlight, we are used to receiving a call from Comcast on a Monday and delivering a professionally shot and edited spot (complete with audio mixing and color-grading) by the following Monday. Our crew is nimble and used to unrealistic deadlines. We thrive on pressure and will gladly forgo sleep to meet any deadline.

Our time in the trenches turned us into resourceful producers who know how to maximize a budget and breakdown a shoot. Our plan for meeting your schedule is detailed below in the Meeting Your Goals section.

Work Philosophy / Ideal Client

We work best when we are prepared. We believe that pre-production is almost more important than production. Our favorite spots were always created when we had a full understanding of the client's desires and were given (somewhat) ample time to prepare locations and adequately prep actors. We realize every shoot has different rhythms, but proper preparation will always result in a more professional final product.

Our ideal client, most importantly, has passion. We get very excited when working on a new spot and always try to exceed a client's expectations. Our best experiences have always been when the client shares our enthusiasm to push the envelope; we want to create marquee work and love when the client wants to reach for the stars with us.